SIGTUR RCC 2011 - Co-operation across the Global South

The SIGTUR Regional Co-ordinating Committee met in Perth, Western Australia from 11th to 14th July 2011. Representatives were present from major union federations including Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Korea, South Africa, India and Australia.

The committee progressed a number of action items from the recent SIGTUR Congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil. SIGTUR_Report_9th_Congress_Sao_Paulo_Brazil_April_2010.doc


Agreement was reached to resource SIGTUR facilitation work in Latin America, Africa, South Asia and Australasia. This action is consistent with SIGTUR Congress recommendations made in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2010 that SIGTUR networking needs to be strengthened.

Major Trade Union Federations will determine the practicalities of how work is completed in their own regions. 

The SIGTUR Congress will meet every three years. The co-ordination of the SIGTUR Congress and of RCCs is a shared responsibility and logistics are determined after consultation amongst SIGTURs major Federations. 

SIGTURs co-ordinator Rob Lambert has been asked to provide a paper for distribution throughout the RCC about the responsibilities of hosting RCCs and Congress. 

The next SIGTUR congress will be held in 2013. The RCC will meet in 2012 and consider the 2013 Congress agenda and progress made on action items from Sao Paolo including our successes in strengthening the SIGTUR network at the regional level. 

RCC debated action items of climate change, responses to the G20 and concerns about labour rights abuses in Cote D’Ivoire.

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