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Americas: Continental Campaign for MINUSTAH withdrawal from Haiti

Instead of promoting peace, UN troops commit systematic violations of basic human rights
While delegations were present around the world, including: Suzawwe Rossnsa, Labateha Salim (Algeria); Jacques Paris (France); Neili Hester (USA), Juliana Cardoso, Julio Turra (CUT Brasil), Barbara Corrales and Katia Silva (Brazil), Louis (Mexico) and Jean Marc Vilier.
On Saturday, June 1st, was held in Port au Prince, Haiti, the continental day for the withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops in that country, in which the CTA Argentina and CUT Brasil took part. On behalf of CTA were present Pablo Micheli, Secretary General, and Fernando "Nando" Acosta, Secretary of Interior.
Exactly nine years ago, on June 1, 2004, military troops from MINUSTAH, the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti, brother invaded the country under the guise of a supposed "stability" that never came. Quite the contrary.
Instead of improving the situation created by the 2004 coup, MINUSTAH increased levels of violence for a people stripped of all their rights, containing the oppression of a system based on semi-slave labor, unemployment 70% of the economically active population and subhuman wages.
Instead of promoting peace, UN troops commit systematic violations of basic human rights of the population and imported cholera, a disease that so far has killed more than 8,000 people and sickened more than 600,000 people. Special express our indignation at the attitude of the UN has chosen to evoke the immunity of its troops to refuse any compensation to the families of the direct victims and repair the immense damage to the country.
Everywhere you look, it is inconceivable that MINUSTAH continue to support that military and police that were largely drawn from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, must remain in Haiti . In 2011, the Haitian Senate voted unanimously on withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops by 2012. 
The defense ministers of UNASUR countries noted the need to reduce the presence of its troops and establish a retirement plan in June 2012, although this commitment has been just words. Haitian organizations have made numerous mass demonstrations against the presence of MINUSTAH, including symbolic funeral in Petite Riviere de l'Artibonite and Port-au-Prince in October 2011. Legal action under way against the UN by the intrusion of cholera and a set of associations called "pou dedomajeviktimkolerayo Kolektifòganizasyon" about working tirelessly for justice.
Unfortunately MINUSTAH has failed with respect to the objectives established by the Security Council of the United Nations. Or rather, the only goal was to meet the country militarily occupy the service of interests that are not those of the brotherly people of Haiti. His presence responds to a policy that deprives the Haitian people of their citizenship, their utilities, their land, their natural assets. It is also clear that MINUSTAH could not be maintained without military and diplomatic support from Canada, United States and France, always in the service of their corporations and free trade agreements and investment that favor. 
Therefore, the Haitian Senate also voted against the entrance of two U.S. multinational mining and Canada today are looting rich deposits of gold, copper and silver in Haiti "the poor", under the protection of MINUSTAH.
Haiti should not be the laboratory of the economy and the "security" neoliberal policies that have made debt plus an additional weapon against the people as we do in all our America, the global South and now in Europe.
Haiti does not need military troops, or MINUSTAH or any other country.
Haiti needs the recognition of their dignity, potential and right to self-determination, as every people.
It needs to be taken out of his hands up and boots that dominate. Need physicians, sanitary, educators, engineers, technicians, all reconstruction serving the Haitian people claim, a town historically decimated, but that preserves the dignity of being the first free country and anti-slavery of the Americas.
For all this, the call on June 1st mobilize to claim:
The immediate withdrawal of MINUSTAH and all foreign troops Haitian territory;
to economic occupation and looting, including suppression of free trade agreements;
recognition of the crimes committed by MINUSTAH, including the introduction of cholera, the punishment of those responsible and compensation of victims;
the restoration and repair of historic debt, financial, social and ecological debt that is owed to the people of Haiti;
a true international cooperation policy that respects the rights, sovereignty and self-determination of the Haitian people.