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Domestic Workers Law promulgated in Brazil

Only now we are closing the last slave house and throwing away the key
The President of the National Congress, Senator Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), promulgated yesterday (April 2) the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC, in portuguese) which expands the labor rights of domestic workers, known as the Domestic PEC. In a ceremony which was also attended by six ministers, Renan compared the enactment of the PEC with the signing of the Slavery Abolition Law. "Today, 125 years after the end of slavery, only now we are closing the last slave house and throwing away the key," said the president of Congress.
 For Renan, the extent of the rights contained in the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) to domestic workers will benefit the entire society. "On the one hand, domestic workers have guaranteed their rights, on the other, is the high level of professionalism category. Thus, before representing an advantage only to domestic servants, the new law, which equals rights, is a gain for all Brazilians ", he said at the ceremony. 
The Minister of Institutional Relations, Ideli Salvatti represented President Dilma Rousseff at the ceremony and said the PEC makes the country more democratic. In her speech, Ideli said it is not possible to have "democracy in a country with a difference of recognition and rights" and that it is only now being reached. "Domestic work is work and who does it has to be recognized as a full worker," said the minister. 
After the ceremony, the president of the National Federation of Domestic Workers (affiliated to CUT), Creuza Maria Oliveira, was quite greeted. Thrilled, Creuza said that the date is historical and that an injustice is being repaired. For her, a new stage will start from the publication,
on Wednesday (3), the PEC which was enacted yesterday.
"We know that the war is just beginning. We still have many things to deal with, such as regulation and how to make society aware that we, domestic workers, are part of the Brazilian working class and therefore deserve to be repaired for the long years we have built a society" she said.
The PEC was approved on March 26 unanimously among the senators present. Attended the ceremony today enactment Ministers of Welfare, Labor, Human Rights Secretariat, the Secretariat of Policies for Women, Institutional Relations and Secretary General of the Presidency.
source: CUT/SP, Brazil.