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Indonesian workers fight Australian Company

Workers at PT Jaya Readymix, a subsidiary of Australian company Boral, located in the greater region of Jakarta, have taken industrial action following the company's refusal to implement labor rights in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.

In particular, workers are unhappy that the minimum wage is not being paid, allowances are not added, and overtime pay is not being calculated accurately.

Solidarity messages can be sent to the workers union, SBJR – KASBI, at  international@prp-indonesia.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The labor struggle in PT Jaya Readymix was triggered by the labors’ dissatisfaction in regard to the company’s refusal to implement labors’ rights in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations. The said rights among others are as follows:

•    The implementation of basic wages that is in line with the nominal of the Regional Minimum Wages for DKI Jakarta of 2010, i.e. IDR 1,118,300 is no longer applicable as there is Governance Regulation No 1 of 2010 concerning the Implementation of the Province Minimum Sector Wages of 2010). Based on the Governance Regulation, the minimum wage for the chemical – energy – mining sectors, including the industries having their business activities in producing concretes is IDR 1,185,090/month, applicable for the labors having his employment under 1 year.
•    There are no allowances for transportations, meal and housing. In this regard, the labors are only paid additional payment, called as irregular intensive allowances for the amount of IDR 108,000/month. This nominal of amount have been stagnant since 2002.
•    The calculation of overtime wages is not in line with the prevailing laws and regulations. Please note that there is also no paycheck given to the labors.
•    The implementation of unilateral mutation policy.
•    The indecisive of Bipartite LKS mechanism.

Union position
the Central Committee of KASBI confederation, as the parent organization of SBJR – KASBI (Serikat Buruh PT Jaya Readymix / the Labor Union of PT Jaya Readymix), (hereinafter referred to as “SBJR – KASBI”), give our full support to the plan of SBJR to conduct labor strike that will start as of 5 August 2010.

The Central Committee of KASBI insists that the strike is one of the common strategies for the labor struggle while the possibilities we have to do negotiations are over. We also believe that such strategy is under protection of Manpower Law and International Conventions related to the labor issues. In this regard, we openly announce that all members of SBJR – KASBI agree to do the strike.

The aim of the strike generally is to fight for labors’ rights, i.e.
•    The transparency of the mechanism and implementation of Bipartite LKS in PT Jaya Readymix;
•    The transparency of paycheck by detailing each items in paycheck, implementing the nominal of wages in accordance with the Minimum Sector Wages in DKI Jakarta of 2010, i.e. IDR 1,185,090 and paying the overtime wages, allowances/intensives and any other payment in reference to the laws and regulations;
•    The implementation of table money, transportation and housing allowances for the amount of IDR 35,000/day, consisting of IDR 10,000/day for table money, IDR 15,000/day for transportation allowances and IDR 10,000/day for housing allowances);  and
•    The elimination of unilateral mutation policy.