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International Network in Solidarity with Colombia’s Political Prisoners, INSPP

The International Network in Solidarity with Colombia's Political Prisoners condemns in the strongest terms the taking back into captivity of renowned human rights defender Liliany Obando.
Liliany's case and that of several other high profile critics of the Colombian government's human rights record became notorious throughout the world when it was shown that the charges against these respected activists were trumped up and politically motivated.
Liliany served nearly four years in the Buen Pastor Women’s Prison in Bogotá from 8th August 2008 before being released into provisional liberty on 1st March 2012. She was then placed under house arrest. Her professional career and ability to provide for her family has been totally disrupted.
Liliany was sentenced to five years and eight months imprisonment and given a colossal fine of around US$400,000 on the catch-all conviction of “rebellion”. It appears the immensely stressful period for Liliany and her family during provisional liberty and house arrest will not be counted towards her time served.
The Fiscalia issued a warrant for her arrest on 28th July and executed on 5th August. The move to take her back into custody happens as her lawyers were lodging an application for her Conditional Release and against the patently unjustifiable sentence. A vendetta against Liliany on the part of the government of President Santos is being pursued.
The INSPP calls on the Santos government to release Liliany immediately and to guarantee her physical and mental safety while in the charge of authorities.
We call on human rights organisations, trade unions, parliamentarians and all people of good will to support the demand for Liliany's release so that she can return home to care for her family.
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