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Unity among workers who are members of SBJR

International Support Assists In a Victory In Ready Mix Indonesian Dispute

Unity among workers who are members of SBJR and fantastic support from comrades-in-arms Internationally has resulted in the collective agreement between the Worker and the company, namely:

1.The implementation of LKS Bipartite as soon as possible
2.The transparence of paycheck
3.Overtime wage given according to rules and regulation
4.Wage increase from Rp 1.150.000,- to Rp 1.185.000,- monthly
5.There will be no unilateral mutation, especially for workers who are active in trade union
6.Table money and housing allowances has not been given, but the allowance money that initially amount of Rp 108.000,- then rise to Rp 200.000,- now changed to Rp 308.000,- per month
The main movement in the workers struggle in workplace is a movement of unity and power of the workers which are organized in worker organizations. While the external motion which give a large effect is active comrade-in-arms who gave their support and solidarity, both from the local, national or international level.

Thus it proven this time, worker of PT Jaya Ready Mix (a construction company under Boral Australia management) members of SBJR (Serikat Buruh Jaya Ready Mix, Jaya Ready Mix Trade Union) and affiliated to the Confederation Congress of Indonesia Union Alliance (Confederation KASBI). In the months of struggle since the start of negotiations then the stagnation until the strike hold from 5-11 August 2010.

We understand that all victories above is a small victory, however the victories able to evoke the spirit to unite and fight for the workers at PT Jaya Ready Mix and is expected to be able to trigger the spirit of workers in the construction sector in Indonesia to unite and fight together

We, the Central Leadership of Confederation KASBI and Steward of Jaya Ready Mix Trade Unions, on this occasion expressed our gratitude and appreciation to all friends and organizations who have provided support, assistance and solidarity for our struggle.

We believe that the struggle is still very long and certainly will experience an increasingly heavy resistance, therefore, we believe that only by sharing solidarity and build an organizational cooperation with other organizations, both locally, nationally and internationally the struggle for fundamental change could materialize.

For all the help, support and solidarity that has been given by all the comrades we express our gratitude. Workers of the World, Unite!