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NutriAsia Take Action Following Sackings

Four workers were arrested and dozens more were injured
A “Boycott NutriAsia” campaign has gained traction in social media, while contractual workers of the condiment giant maintain their picket line in Marilao despite a violent dispersal attempt on June 14. Four workers were arrested and dozens more were injured as local police claimed to be implementing a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by a Bulacan court against the picket protest.
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NutriAsia’s contractual workers set up their picket line on June 2, after management fired around 50 workers, including union leaders, and refused to implement a February 23 DOLE ruling which ordered the company to regularize 80 workers who were employed through an illegal LOC scheme. Workers also complained of unauthorized salary deductions and unsafe working conditions, reporting that NutriAsia failed to comply with laws governing occupational safety and health (OSH) standards.

SIGTUR Solidarity

RT @CTAGlobal: ¡Victoria histórica en los derechos sexuales y reproductivos de las mujeres! La Corte Constitucional declaró inconstituciona…

SIGTUR Solidarity

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