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PALEA Global Action

Philippine Airlines passengers flying out of San Francisco, Melbourne and Toronto were leafleted.
Global Day of Action for PALEA was a success. Philippine Airlines passengers flying out of San Francisco, Melbourne and Toronto were leafleted. In Hong Kong a PAL ticketing office was leafleted. In Manila, PALEA marched at the entrance to the airport. In Honolulu, the leafleting was done earlier on Dec 8.
The actions varied in terms of scale. In Toronto, the picketers with banners aloft practically occupied the terminal, and outnumbered the passengers and check-in agents. And the leafleters had spirited discussions with airport based workers during the action.
In San Francisco there were discussions with passengers and flight crew. IAM deployed Filipino-speaking leafleters to assist in getting the message out. In Melbourne, the leafleting team was able to do it inside the terminal despite early fears that police will not allow it.
In Hong Kong, leafleting was disallowed in the airport and so it was done elsewhere. In Manila, the march disrupted vehicle traffic to and fro the airport. In Honolulu, leafleting was being done so regularly that they do not bother to take pictures anymore!
As for the impact of the day of action and the recent four rallies over the last several weeks at the headquarters of San Miguel Corp (which now has management control of Philippine Airlines), the company has once again sat down with PALEA to negotiate after talks stalled in October. There is still no breakthrough as regards the main demand for reinstatement. But negotiations are still scheduled for next week.
Thus the need to put more pressure on management and continue with the actions. PALEA wives/husbands and kids will stage a caroling protest at San Miguel Corp on Dec 18 and labor groups in Manila are planning another mass action before Christmas. HKCTU and APL-Hong Kong will leaflet again  (Dec 16, international migrants day) in three areas with more people as it is a Sunday. The Toronto ITF-affiliated airline unions have committed to continue actions as needed. The PALEA solidarity committee in Honolulu be doing leafleting in the run up to Christmas. There are ongoing efforts to extend the leafleting to South Korea. The AMWU in Australia is working to organise furtheraction in Sydney.
Action Sydney International airport 19th December
Support the PALEA workers and their families
WHAT CAN YOU DO? Leaflet international terminals in your country were Phillippines Airlines fly See attached Leaflet
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