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Raid on KCTU office to arrest Korean Railway Workers' Union KRWU officers

6 Union leaders of the KRWU hide out in KCTU building 4,600 riot police including 900 SWAT were deployed
On the 22nd December, at 09:00, the police invaded on the office of the KCTU, regarding that 6 of wanted leaders of the railways strike are hiding here.4,600 riot police including 900 SWAT were deployed for it. 800 supporters who were defending the office inside or outside of it.
The police broke the glass doors in the front side of the building to enter and sprayed pepper spray to the supporters who were staying on the ground floor when the police moved them out.
KCTU Office demostration
In the course, around 120 people including some leaders of KCTU and its affiliates were arrested.
The media, especially the conservative ones broadcasted live the raid, with blaming the legitimate strike and union members. 
Supporters are still resisting on the upper floors and it is very dangerous when the police try to arrest them by force on the narrow stairs.
Riot Police KCTU Office
The strike is just and legitimate and the office of the KCTU is the center and heart of the democratic labour movement in Korea. This event vividly show the government's anti-democracy and anti-union characters.
Roit Police Aeail View