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Tell Parks to Free Jailed Union Actvists Now

"After one year under Park's Government, we cannot stand it anymore!"
Next Tuesday marks the end of the first year in office for South Korea's President Park, Geun-hye.
On that day, South Korea's trade union confederation (the KCTU) will be holding a nationwide "people's strike" together with broader social movements including organisations of peasants, the urban poor, small shop keepers, students, and youth.
They'll be marching under the slogan "After one year under Park's Government, we cannot stand it anymore!"
Human and trade union rights have been attacked and democracy in the country has been undermined since Park came to power.
Organising strikes in President Park's Korea is increasingly dangerous.  Harsh repression is becoming the norm.  Unions are under attack.
The Korean Teachers Union has been de-registered and the Korean Government Employees Union refused registration. Union buildings have been raided. There are eleven trade union leaders behind bars at the moment, some of them still awaiting trial, some already convicted.  Four have just been bailed for trial later.
In solidarity with the 15 union leaders in prison or on bail, and with the KCTU, the global trade union movement is calling for the release of all imprisoned trade unionists. 
That's why the International Trade Union Confederation has launched this new campaign on LabourStart. 
It will take you less than one minute to show your support for our brothers and sisters on the front lines in the fight for democracy in Korea.
Once you've signed the campaign, please don't stop there -- spread the word in your union and workplace