SIGTUR Sets Agenda For Next 2 Years

On the 18th – 23rd April 2010 union activists from twenty five countries across four continents in the global South, representing democratic unions from the following countries – Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, South Africa, Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea, Kenya, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Zambia, Angola, Eritrea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Philippines, South Korea and Australia gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 18-23 April 2010.

In the global south workers in many countries are under attack as we meet both industrially and through civil war. SIGTUR and the meeting recognised their predicament and extended solidarity. One hundred and ten delegates debated and engaged in the deepening global economic crisis manifested in failure of the financial systems, the capitalist restructuring of the global economy and their effects on the global working class, particularly from developing and poor countries and the catastrophic ecological crisis.

we want peace, we want democracy, we want equality.

The Working Women's Organisation of the All Pakistan Trade Union Federation, contributed the following:
We call upon women in India, in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Sri Lanka, in Nepal, irrespective of their creed, of their language, of their geographical location to unite, to say together: we want peace, we want democracy, we want equality.

We can be at the vanguard of the struggle of the people of our sub-continent so that instead of wars, conflicts, we build together a friendly and peaceful alliance of all the oppressed and exploited who share the same interests.
We, women, will continue to fight in defence of our rights.