South Korea

We call for the release of all trade unionists arrested and all the charges to be dropped.
Southern Initiative Global Unions Rights (SIGTUR) joined unionists from Australia,  Argentina, Phillipines, South Africia and the local South Korean community this week at Korean consulates and embassies to send a deafening blast in protest at unjust prison sentences and arrests inflicted on innocent trade union officials.
In protest against the compromise between three parties, more than 5,000 KCTU members held a rally at Chunggyechun Square, central Seoul, Saturday
Source: The Korean Times
The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), the nation's second largest umbrella union, said that it will stage a general strike Wednesday to protest the tripartite agreement on labor reform. 
"The KCTU will protest against the agreement to protect the nation's 20 million workers' rights," said the KCTU which has some 680,000 members.
"Based on collusion through the tripartite talks, the ruling Saenuri Party and the government is pushing ahead with the bill only to worsen the current law by allowing easier layoffs, the lowering of wages and more non-regular workers."